We believe that companies are one of the biggest forces of change in society. Axel Johnson collaborates with several organizations and companies.

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Axel Johnson Extends its Partnership with Järvaveckan until 2026: “More Important than Ever”

Axel Johnson extends its partnership with The Global Village/Järvaveckan until 2026. This year's Järvaveckan takes place from May 29 to June 1, and Axel Johnson is participating alongside companies from the group and partners from civil society.

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AxSol Becomes Part of Novax

Axel Johnson's solar energy company, AxSol, will become part of Axel Johnson's investment arm, Novax, starting in June. This integration establishes a new focus area for Novax's investments and business development—Energy—under the leadership of AxSol CEO Marie Strannegård. Based in solar energy, AxSol also encompasses service sectors that support the growth of renewable energy in various ways.

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Niclas Palmstierna new CEO at Novax

Niclas Palmstierna has been appointed as the new CEO of Novax, effective June, with the task of building future pillars for Axel Johnson. Niclas Palmstierna has a background that includes roles such as CEO of Tele2 Sweden and the dental care company Oral Care. Novax is the investment arm of Axel Johnson, tasked with building significant future pillars for the group, focusing on areas like Food of the Future, Preventive Health, and Technical Safety.

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Axel Johnson's ownership in Dustin exceeds 50 percent

Axel Johnson AB, through its wholly owned subsidiary AxMedia AB ("Axel Johnson"), has acquired 6.7 million shares in Dustin Group AB at an average price of SEK 13.50. This means that Axel Johnson's ownership now exceeds 50 percent, amounting to 50.1 percent.

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Axel Johnson’s year-end report 2023

The year 2023 can be summarized as yet another strong year for Axel Johnson. Revenue amounted to SEK 126.5 (118.2) billion and profitAX* to SEK 4.4 (4.4) billion. Over the past ten years, the Group’s revenue and profit have doubled, and the goal is for a repeat performance during the next decade.

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Pernilla Oldmark appointed as EVP People & Culture at Axel Johnson

Pernilla Oldmark joins as EVP People & Culture at Axel Johnson in mid-March, with the task of continuing to ensure that the group's companies are leading in talent development and are a strong force for increased diversity and inclusion in Swedish business industry.

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