Pernilla Oldmark appointed as EVP People & Culture at Axel Johnson


Pernilla Oldmark joins as EVP People and Culture at Axel Johnson in mid-March, with the task of continuing to ensure that the group's companies are leading in talent development and are a strong force for increased diversity and inclusion in Swedish business industry.

Pernilla Oldmark most recently served as Head of Northern Europe at the global customer service company Transcom and previously held the position of Chief Commercial Officer at Cabonline. Prior to that, she also held various leadership roles at Tele2, including Marketing and Communications Director.

Thomas Ekman, CEO of Axel Johnson:

"To double turnover and profit over the next ten years and achieve rapid progress towards our 10/50/50 goal, our companies need to be the best at recruiting, retaining, developing, and including talents. As owners, we are a hub and a magnet that strengthens our companies' ability to attract the best possible colleagues. In this work, Pernilla Oldmark will be an absolute key player. Pernilla is chosen for the person she is, with the right attitude and a strong desire to drive us forward on these issues. She has a broad leadership background from various environments, industries, and contexts and a proven ability to motivate, develop, and unite employees. Just like Axel Johnson, she combines commercial drive with a strong belief in the individual's ability to develop companies, and companies' ability to improve societies."

Pernilla Oldmark, incoming EVP, People & Culture at Axel Johnson:

"This is a dream job. I have long followed the Axel Johnson Group and been impressed by how strong values ​​form the basis of its leadership, which I see as the key to continuous development of employees and companies. Here, the foundation is a driven, joyful, and warm culture, a willingness to include and challenge. I really look forward to, together with my colleagues at Axel Johnson and employees throughout the group, contribute to making us even stronger as a talent hub, and furthermore, a leading force for diversity and inclusion."

Pernilla Oldmark succeeds Emma Claesson, who left Axel Johnson in February.